Thursday, May 29, 2008

In response to a request

Someone left a comment requesting to see what my china (or what's left of it) looks like. Here is one of the last 4 plates followed by a close-up of the rim detail.

I love the leaf design and I am thinking that if I can just find dinner plates with the same rim and maybe with some pink floral design...well, that would be just about perfect. I do have to take a plate with me when I shop because there are so many variations of "white".

I did go on-line and look for replacement plates from this manufacturer. There were very few plates listed and the price per plate was outrageous. Besides, I would MUCH rather add some new china to my collection!


  1. Pink flowers? You would probably love my china. Here's the joke: It came from Standard Oil! Yes, gasoline purchase china. (You know, dinner plate for 99 cents with a fill-up.) My father was a Standard Oil dealer in the 60's and Mom saved me a set of the dishes. The really funny thing is that they are very, very good china. Thin as parchment, with a beautiful ring when tapped. The designs are transfer but delicate and beautiful the they are gilded. I love telling dinner guests that the dishes came from a service station!

  2. Good luck in your search for the china.

  3. I love the delicate rim design! I am a closet plate-a-holic. My wedding china is a Noritake pattern from pre-war Japan (got service for 8 for a song at a garage sale, now have service for 13)--it's a wonderful, happy floral that just makes me smile! NOT cheap to replace or add to, but from time to time ya just gotta splurge and indulge! (At least that's what I tell myself!)

  4. I'm with you, a little variety would make the table setting so interesting. I know people who only buy one place setting of all kinds of different patterns. A lot of sets today have 2 or 3 different patterns with the sets too.

  5. I'm looking, Suzan, but so far, no luck. Just when I least expect to find them, or you don't want them anymore, THERE they will be!

  6. Suzan have you tried
    I have ordered replacement pieces for my china from there.


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