Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I have been trying to quilt a baby quilt to send to Maureen. IMG_6984   I outline stitched in the ditch around the large blocks and had no problems.  Then I started a free motion design of meander and loops.  About every 8 or 9 inches, the thread breaks.  I have changed needles, re-threaded the top, switched out bobbins, adjusted tension and even changed the pressure setting.  Nothing is working and I am about to start screaming.  I have NEVER had this kind of problem with Jenny before.  My machine is not dirty and it doesn’t need lubricating.  I clean my machine after every time I use it and I oil it regularly. 

Other than the constant thread breaking, the stitches look pretty good.   I am not running the machine at a really high IMG_6985

rate of speed – just about mid-range.  My hand movements are consistent and smooth.  I am running out of ideas.

Any suggestions?


  1. If you can see the post that turns the bobbin (is your machine a vertical bobbin?) oil that post, behind the bobbin holder. Have you taken the bottom off of the machine and delinted? If you haven't, clean the bottom and oil anything METAL that is a 'joint'. I have done this with my machine and it has been a miracle. Make sure your machine is threaded right. Do you use topstitch needles? Is your thread mercerized for multidirectional high speed quilting? Just my thoughts. I hope it helps.

  2. change the spool of thread, that could be the problem
    just a thought
    good luck

  3. Have you tried Sewer's Aid? It's a lubricant type product you put directly on the thread. I usually buy it at any sewing store in the notions department. Put it on about three lines down the spool. Then put just a bit on the needle/thread. Let it soak in a bit and then sew as normal. It won't hurt the fabric and it will cause less friction. Are you using a topstitch 14 needle? Hope that helps.

  4. I had this problem once, it was very frustrating. My quilting teacher told me to change the spool of thread I was using or use a spool holder outside of the one the machine holds. It worked! She said that sometimes the thread doesn't come off the spool as nicely on some areas of the spool or you could have a bad spool of thread.

  5. Could be as simple as your needle. Change that and it might just need a different size of needle.

  6. Is your needle inserted correctly? Push it up and see if goes more.

    It's frustrating when your machine does this especially when you know you have gone through the entire list of things to check for.

    Check to see if you have thread/lint in your tension discs.

  7. No suggestions, just admiration for the quilt!

  8. It could have just been a problem thread. I struggled all through one quilt with the thread breaking about every 5 minutes. All of the other threads in the same brand are fine so I am convinced it was just that one spool of thread. Try a cone holder that sits on the table so the thread feed straight up. That sometimes solves the problem.


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