Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nothing to do with quilting...

I just received an email advertisement from IKEA. They are having a sale this weekend and INGOLF bar stools are reduced to 19.99 ea/limit of 4. I am going on retreat this weekend and CANNOT go to pick them up! I am beside myself!! These are the ones that I want for my house. They are usually between $59 and $69. Worse, I cannot get anyone to go to Philadelphia to pick them up for me.

I am so depressed now I think I will have to go lay down...


  1. If I lived close enough, I would totally go pick them up for you and then we could do another swap that would make everyone think questionable things!!!

    Love the fabric you gave me...hope sis likes her Pooh!

  2. Can you call the store and pay for them and pick them up next week?
    If there is a will, there have JUST got to be a way, doesn't there?
    (from the persistent one)

  3. What are you doing off? go right to the manager, tell him your problem and charge or pay by check for them. You will get them

    Sandee from wisconsin

  4. Surely you can call and put them on the VISA to be held for pickup. Times are tough even for IKEA; any store will accomodate a customer nowadays.

  5. I saw the ad too. I want the jars for 99 cents. If the store wasn't a two-hour drive for me I'd be there in a heartbeat.

  6. Those look like nice stools! Maybe they will hold them until you can pick them up!

  7. I'm with the others...there's got to be a way to get those stools! Calling the manager sounds like a good plan. Sure wish I could help you out but there's no IKEA here and I live waaaay too far away from you!


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