Sunday, March 22, 2009

Oh dear...

Back from retreat (where we had a wonderful time) with a sore throat, aching head and a fever. I haven't had a fever in 7 years!! I will tell you all about the retreat and show you all what I accomplished but not today. I am going to put on my jammies, drink a pot of tea to soothe my throat and think happy thoughts!


  1. I am so sorry, Suzan, that you came back with a fever and not feeling well. You must have 'Quilting fever'. It is very contagious, you know. It runs rampant among quilters. Hopefully now that you are home, things will calm down.

    I can't wait to hear more about your retreat. I'll bet the fond memories will make you forget all about your fever.
    Take care and be blessed,

  2. I am so sorry to hear this...please take care of yourself and get better soon! Tell us all about it when you are feeling better.

  3. How terrible! I sure hope you get over this quick! I have been sick for weeks now, just can't seem to get rid of it!

  4. Feel better Suzan ,so many have this nasty flu that is going around .

  5. Your thermometer looks like a pregnancy test...

    New thought on "Oh Dear, huh?"

    Hope you feel better real soon. Have a bowl of chicken soup & some hot tea with honey...

  6. Oh & I drove by IKEA twice yesterday... I hope you got your stools.

  7. OMG - this might make you laugh and it might not -but when I saw your picture and the "Oh Dear"... it took me a second to realize it was a thermometer..... and here I thought we might be sewing baby quilts??!?!?

    Sorry - I am sick at this end, too - must be delirium talking???

    Hope you feel better SOON!!! :-)


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