Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Look what you can do with fabric swatches!!

I forgot my camera when my quilting group got together on Sunday. I borrowed the hostess's camera to show you what it looks like when women have the opportunity to dig through free fabric. Unfortunately, the photos have not been sent to me yet so I can't share them. Let me just say that it was great fun and a great fabric scramble!! Ideas and fabric were flying around the room. There will be some beautiful shopping bags seen at grocery stores in Berks County!

I took some pieces of Waverly fabric swatches and decided to make a fabric basket. Originally I thought it would be a good size for my bathroom but I got carried away and it ended up much larger that I had envisioned. It is about 20" long and stands about 10" high.
From Quilty stuff

From Quilty stuff

The lining is a large scrap of a Robyn Pandolph fabric that I have had for years. I used a fusible fleece for the body and quilted it to give it more strength. I think the next one I make (because I really like the size of this one) I will use a more sturdy interfacing.

I brought home lots of swatches and I will be making matching checkbook covers and business card cases. I have a couple of other ideas and I may end up making gifties for all of my S4 sisters when we have our retreat in August.

Thanks again to Ms. Darlene for providing all the fabric, some great bag ideas and a FABULOUS lunch!!


  1. Oh...great basket and I LOVE the fabrics you used.

    What fun that must have been!

  2. Very nice basket! I love those fabrics! Can't wait to see more of them!

  3. I love your basket & the fabric choice! Very sweet!

  4. Love your basket & your fabric choice! So sweet!

  5. Pink and green! Spring is here at last.

  6. Hi Suzan,

    It's lovely to hear from you. I hope all is well with you.

    What a lovely basket - you did a great job.


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