Thursday, April 23, 2009

Quick post (since I am at the office)

Not much sewing going on here. I did make a couple of pillow covers for my mom and that is about it. I have 2 quilts that are still in the piecing stage and now I am looking at starting another one. At least I am predictable!

Last weekend after my visitors left I was lured into my backyard to work on tilling up large plots for flower beds. I have much to do to make my yard presentable but I am up for the challenge! It is such a joy to have my own yard again and to be able to garden.

In one of my Yahoo groups I saw something about pretending to be a mid-arm quilter. The idea is to turn Jenny so that I am looking directly at the front end of the left side of the head...basically turning her perpendicular to the front of my table. This will allow me to put most of the quilt onto the table and shoved into the back of the arm. Theoretically I will be able to better move the quilt when doing free motion. I still need to finish quilting the baby quilt so I am going to give it a go this weekend. I know this sounds goofy but when I am all set up and ready to roll I will post photos!


  1. OMG!!! That is an awesome idea which I will use this weekend and probably forever more after that!

    Thanks for sharing this.

    Now...make sure you balancce your outside time with your inside time!!! I was thinking about running an electrical cord outside this weekend so I could do both!!!

  2. Yard work...but isn't it fun? What all do you plan on having in the way of flowers?

    Excellent idea about sewing on your machine that way...may just have to try it sometime.

    Enjoy life - laugh alot.

  3. Yeah I gotta see a picture of that idea. I am not sure how you see what you are doing!?? We need to do the same in the flower beds at our house, too. So much to do.


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