Friday, April 10, 2009

Back at it

It has been ages since I last posted.  Nothing terribly exciting to report except that Jenny is now quilting again.  I changed my needle for the second time and then slopped Sewer’s Aid all over everything.  I started a very simple meander over the rest baby quilt and only had one thread break.  I ran out of thread in my bobbin and so I put the quilt down.  I think I was just tired of looking at the darned thing. 

You know what happens when I get frustrated…I started two new bags!  One is a Mini Bow Tucks and the other is a small bag that I found on line at American Patchwork and Quilting  (All People Quilt).  I do love that magazine and most of the projects I have tried have had great directions.  This little bag (which is really darling) has very strange instructions.  I just finished ripping the bag from the lining because I did not like the design.  I am going to “re-invent” the bag and hopefully will have it finished by the time Ms. Em comes to visit next week.  I love the other bag.  I wanted something in black and white.  I found some beautiful toile and a stripe with a fleur-de-lise so the bag has kind of a French flair.  As soon as it is completed I will post a photo.  (Don’t you just hate posts without photos?!)


  1. Looking forward to the pictures of the new bag.

    Enjoy this Easter weekend!

  2. You tease, you! You tell us how cute it is then you don't post a picture. I'll look forward to seeing both bags finished.

    Happy Easter.

  3. yeah! you are back to blogging :) I look forward to the pictures too.

  4. We want pictures! We want pictures!


  5. Glad to see you back from your mini-break! :)

    Did you see that I posted cutting instructions for the bag?


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