Friday, April 24, 2009

A picture is worth a 1000 words?

Referring back to my post yesterday, I know my explanation on how to set up your sewing machine to use it more like a mid-arm was a little (ok, a lot!) confusing. 

Here are two photos.  The first shows my machine in standard sewing position.  The second shows the machine turned 45 degrees with the quilt shoved into the harp and the fabric being supported on either side of Jenny.   Jenny - normal orientation

Jenny turned

A couple of things will make this better.  It would be great if I had Jenny on a wider surface.  I am just working on a baby quilt so this will work out ok but if the quilt were larger, the table length would make a difference.  It would also be great if the bed of my machine was level with the sewing machine surface.  I am thinking about making one. There is a YouTube video on building an inexpensive quilting table:

Now, another quilter modified the idea and turned the machine:  These are really fabulous ideas and if you have the room to set up the table (and a couple of other supplies), you can have your very own imitation “George” or HQ16!


  1. I have already tried it and it works beautifully!

    You are my personal hero, you know that don't you?

  2. Debra Wagner had another method. She has the machine just the opposite of yours, with the handwheel right in front of her and the needle at the far end of the machine. She had her chin near the handwheel as she wrapped her arms around the machine and quilted the quilt that was fully supported by the table. The smaller your machine is the better this would work. I tried it and it was nice to have the quilt always fully supported.

  3. Thank you for watching my videos and sharing your idea - I may try it myself! :)

    Happy Quilting, Marguerita


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