Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11 Remembered

I was living in Seattle.  We were sleeping soundly when the phone rang.  He jumped out of bed to answer the phone.  He listened for a moment, had a very strange look on his face and then handed me the phone.  "It's your mother."  I said hello and my mother's first words were "It's bad out here.  We are under attack.  Turn on the television."  I quickly hung up, grabbed a robe and headed downstairs.  He had turned on the tv and was sitting in front of it with that same strange look he had when he talked to my mother.  We watched, barely comprehending what we were seeing.  It was surreal.  It was confusing and frightening. 

And then we saw the towers fall.  The horror took my breath away.

We watched for hours and then he went to the Southcenter Mall as it was reported the Red Cross was there taking donations.  Originally he was going to give blood but they said they didn't need that.  They needed money.  So we gave.  And we prayed.  It was all we could do.

I am remembering those today who lost their lives and those who lost their loved ones.  I continue to pray for our nation and our leaders.


  1. We all have a story from that day...thank you for sharing yours.

  2. I was at work at a nuclear power plant, and in a staff meeting. When we came out of the conference room, someone said "I heard on the radio a plane hit the World Trade Center." We all figured it must be a small private plane, so my coworker Doris pulled up to read about it. I remember her saying, "Oh no, it was a jet." We all crowded around her desk in horror and read the developing news. Then someone suggested trying to get a channel on the TV on the A/V cart in the conference room, even though it didn't have an antenna. We were all watching the local NBC station when the second tower came down. There was a huge intake of breath from everyone crammed in that room. Back at our desks, some of us kept checking the online news, but mostly we sat quietly, numb. Almost immediately, there seemed to be triple the normal number of security guards all over the plant.


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