Friday, September 11, 2009

On a lighter note...

I have a wireless connection on my computers - both the desktop unit and my laptop.  I have been using the internet via my library since I moved into my house.  (The library is less than a full block away.)  I discovered this morning that an "unexpected reset" had occurred and I didn't have any internet service.  As a matter of fact (and this is really weird), a Comcast page came up and told me that I needed to get myself a Comcast account. 

I am so bummed out.  I loved my free internet! 

I am picking up my Comcast modem and set up kit this afternoon.  They have a nice 6 month cheapo rate so at least I am not paying premium prices for it ... yet!

1 comment:

  1. Suzan, looks like the freebie has gone by the way side...well, it was great while it lasted.

    Enjoy the weekend!


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