Monday, September 14, 2009

Cable up and running!

After a false start (bad modem) I got my internet up and running on Saturday.  It could not have been any easier.  Turns out that the Comcast support people are all located in York, PA.  No unusual accents to deal with this time so there wasn't the usual "Pardon me?" going on.  Anyway, once the internet was running I spent most of the day reading blogs, downloading stuff and just basically wasting the day.  It was great!

I did get a few bags done so the count is now at 65.  I picked up some gorgeous fabric on Saturday when I went out to get the new modem.  I spent more than I wanted to but I think the bags will be fabulous.  Now, I just need to convince people to pay me for my "fabulousness"!


  1. Glad you worked it all out and I can not wait to see the new bags!!

    Show and tell soon, please!!

  2. Oh, I would love to see your bags and good luck...


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