Sunday, November 18, 2007

Busy Friday & Saturday!

Here is the first of the two wall hangings from the Pumpkin Glen panel that I purchased. I am really pleased with this little one and it fits beautifully on the wall under my photo shelves. I am in the midst of thread painting the larger one and I hope to have that ready to bind by this evening.

I am trying so hard to get everything ready before the Thanksgiving feast at my place. My parents and both of my sons with their families will be here. I have a menu, recipes, a list of what food goes into which piece of china, etc. Yes, entertaining brings out the OCD in me! I want to have everything (with the exception of the turkey) prepared in advance and ready to just be re-heated on Thursday. I really would like to be able to relax and enjoy my family and not be scurrying around like a nut!

I need to get dressed, pick up my sister and head out for our mini-Shop Hop. The rest of our group is going to be running for about 8 hours to get to as many shops as they can. Since Julie is recovering from her knee surgery, we are only going to try to get to 3 shops and get her back home before she is too worn out. I am such a good big sister!

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