Friday, March 14, 2008

I am heading into the office this morning for about 4 hours then picking up my parents and we are off to Virginia. Strangely, I am sitting here at a keyboard and I am totally not ready to go ANYWHERE! I wanted to bake cookies to take with me (my boys love my Oatmeal Coconut cookies) but last night I went to have dinner with Quilty Pam. I had a really miserable day at work and I needed some good conversation, lots of laugh and some wine! Sorry, boys - no cookies for you!

I bought myself a new coffee mug. I love seasonal mugs. Amazing how a cup of morning coffee in a pretty mug makes me happy. (I really am a pretty simple woman!)

No quilting this weekend but I know where the quilt shops are in Chesapeake so I will help out their local economy. I am doing my part to help end the recession!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Happy National Quilting Day (3/15)!


  1. Hey there: Cold, sparkling Diet Coke first thing does the same thing for me. I, too, am paralyzed right now by the thought that I have to leave Sun morning for a week without my family. It sounded good in December, but now, I'd just rather stay here in charge of everything and clean house and make sure everyone is safe! However, no backing out now.
    -- Michele

  2. Have a fun time with your family!

  3. Have a great trip! I know what you mean about mugs - I have lots and lots of them and they are all my favorites! No one needs between 30 and 40 mugs but which ones would I give up? I love sitting at the computer in the morning sipping tea or coffee from one of my favorites. Just like a comfy bathrobe and slippers - makes me feel warm and safe and comfortable.

  4. I'm a coffee mug junkie too. But I have been really trying not to buy anymore.... I'm running out of space.




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