Sunday, March 2, 2008

If it's not one thing...

At last, I had the time to get over to the spring house to work on Emily's quilt. Julie came down to join me and brought her son's Doberman puppy. Cute dog, bad dog. As I was quilting, the dog grabbed the bottom of the batting off the floor so I stopped, shooed away the beast and continued quilting. Then she came over, sat into the batting and stretched out a HUGE hole. I totally freaked out. My sister kind of laughed it off and said she could hand baste it back together. "People put scraps of batting together all the time", she said. I'm thinking, "Yeah, on a table runner or wall hanging maybe but NOT ON MY GRANDDAUGHTER'S BED QUILT!" I managed to maintain a decent tone and said that I didn't know how that would work for something that was going to be washed repeatedly. But, it IS my sister's LA and she lets me use it whenever it isn't loaded so I have to be polite. So, the first pass (top to bottom across the quilt) was done, I rolled it forward on the frame to start the next pass and Julie started stitching the batting together. I went to the other side of the frame and sat down in the chair to wait. And then I noticed something...the tension on the thread was totally off and there were small loops all the way across the quilt. Now the whole freaking thing had to be ripped. OK, deep breath. Julie then suggested that we rip out the stitches and since it it was going to be taken apart anyway, why didn't we just load fresh batting? YES, YES, YES! I finished ripping out the stitches and had dinner plans so I didn't reload batting but that is my plan for today. And if that dog comes down to the spring house, my head will explode!

On a happier note, we hit the Fat Quarter Frenzy yesterday morning and here is a portion of my loot.
Pam couldn't go with us so I gave her another 7 that I had picked out thinking she might like. After Julie and I made our choices (25 FQs) from the large "selected" group of fat quarters, they bagged them up and then you could choose any fat quarter in the shop for a dollar. Such a deal!...especially on batiks that are always more expensive. Notice all the purples? Don't ask me why. I think that purple is so yummy but I would never use it in my home. Thankfully, my mother loves shades of purple so I chose those to use in the wedding ring wall hanging we are making on retreat. I will give it to her for her birthday. Yeah, gifts! Another way to feed the addiction and feel good about it!!


  1. I piece batting a lot; especially now because of my frame. Since I buy batting by the bolt (have you done that yet?) it's the same width to piece together.

    I put my stitch in the ditch foot on because then I can push each edge up to the guide then I use a loose and wide zig zag stitch with a thread the same color as the batting. It works really well. Once it's quilted you'd never know.

    I had a doby when I was a kid, my mom has one now. We're gonna need pictures of this baby even if you're still mad!!

  2. Love the purples - especially since I bought purple yesterday, too so I am in a purpley mood.

    Sorry to hear about your frustrations - hope you can get that all behind you and finish up the quilt. Can't wait to see pictures of it!

  3. Some days can be trying, can't they. It'll turn out beautifully! Hang in there....
    Regina in Mi

  4. Glad to hear you got lots of purples. They are so yummy!I hate when Paul's dog is bothering me while I'm trying to sew.

  5. love the colours of the FQ's.
    Stan stretches my wadding aswell, I just piece a bit back in aswell if I can

    love and hugs xxx

  6. Sorry about the dog problem. That would drive me nuts! Love the FQs you got!

  7. love your blog...and hearing about your adventures


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