Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What's wrong with me?!

See this quilt? This was a Christmas present for my 2007...see what needs to be done? The border is completely marked. It just needs to have the border quilted and be bound. I quilted the body on the LA but it was only the 2nd quilt I had LA'd and I didn't have the confidence to do the border.

See this pile of fabric? This is for a quilt I have had in my head since I was inspired by a quilt I saw in a shop in

The problem? Why can't I just finish the Christmas shop and let the black & white squares alone? I have absolutely NO willpower. I belong to a group, Prolific Online Quilters, and there was an opportunity to join a UFO busting endeavor but I just couldn't handle the pressure...which would have ONLY been imposed by myself.

This is why I am "The Reluctant Quilter"!


  1. Suzan,
    I did not join either - I just muddle through my projects as I feel inspired.

    If the B&W feels good right now -then work on it. The time will come to finish the other quilt. It will happen.

    I find if I work on something I am not enjoying - it "feels" wrong- it feels like work, and I don't get the relaxation out of the creating.

  2. ROFLMAO, Suzan you are AWESOME!! Don't you think we ALL do this?? =) I know I do and I'm in the UFO challenge. Why do you think the rules don't state that it has to be completed? Even thinking about a project, even if it's...gosh I don't want to do it counts!!!

    Work on the black and white!

    Honestly though, I haven't quilted a single border 'special' since I got my frame. The WHOLE thing just gets whatever design I'm quilting. LOL. LAZY and LOVIN it!!

  3. Everthing in it's own time, I say. I can't believe that I have so many UFO's in the short time I've been quilting. They do tend to stack up, don't they? I think looking at these blogs inspire me to get more things finished though. Do what makes you feel happy...that's the point of a "hobby", right?

  4. Good luck finishing up your UFO's. I don't really have any, but I do have quite a few projects that need to be completed in a timely manner. You'll get to them when it feels right.

  5. I did not join the UFO challenge here or theWIP challenge at my guild... too much pressure! Work on what you are in the mood for, quilting should be fun and relaxing! The Christmas gift will get done eventually!

  6. I've been quilting for many, many years and know many, many quilters. As far as I can tell, this par for the course for quilters. UFOs Are Us!
    Love your Christmas quilt.

  7. I have the SAME THING! I call it "quilters ADD". I seem to get bored EASILY and distracted by things like ...oh ...dinner ...laundry...dogs jumping the fence...driving one kid to every kind of practice known to man. when I come home, I work on something in LEFT FIELD from what I was doing before.

  8. I've been going through a major patch of "quilter's a.d.d.", "quilter's block", or whatever you'd like to call it. and I've semi-determined that I have forced too many "required" projects on myself... so-and-so is getting married, so-and-so is having a baby... none of the KT WANTS TO QUILT! so to you, I say... jump on into the black and white. it's calling!

    * kt

  9. We all have projects like that.I have 2 quilts that need only the borders added,1 that needs to go on the quilter.I will not let myself start nothing else.So I do nothing.Life of a quilter.....

  10. You are so funny! You're like your own quilt police! No worries--projects don't get wrinkles, chunky butts and gray hair--they can sit a while.

    I love the nickname "The Reluctant Quilter." I have a dear friend who is "The Fabric Minimalist" and I have been called on occasion "The Frugal Quilter"......just not to my face! ha ha


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