Sunday, March 9, 2008

What a day!

It may have been raining like crazy yesterday, but I had a terrific day! I spent the day with Julie (sister) and we had a plan to visit several quilt shops and a used furniture store that we had heard about.

The furniture store is in Ephrata which is the most darling, little town.

I would LOVE to live there. The store is packed with all kinds of furniture and has a lot of cherry and mahogany pieces. I think they get most of their stuff from estate sales. Julie was looking for a buffet for her dining room. Julie's house was built in the late 1700's and her decor in the formal rooms of the house is very traditional 18th century...lots of cherry, Queen Anne legs, etc. She found a gorgeous cherry buffet and a large, enclosed hutch for fabric storage in her sewing room. We managed to get the buffet into my SUV but she has to go back and get the other piece. I found a PINK wing chair that I am going to go back and buy this week if it is still there. (Needed a little time to think about it!)

On our way to Joann's in Lebanon, we had to go past a Mennonite quilt shop near Brickerville (way out in the boonies!). They have a lot of fabric that is from collections two and three years ago and is a great place to shop if you don't need any customer service. They carry Hoffman batiks for $5.75 a yard...I swear it's true!!

Next was Joann's and they didn't have any of the sale batting left but I did have my 40% off coupon so I got some anyway. By then I was starving so we did a quick drive thru at Mickey D's and then on to Burkholders.

By then, I was getting tired and I thought Burkholders would be a quick stop. Nope, never is! We both found fabric we wanted (notice I didn't say needed) and that stop took about an hour.

When we arrived back at Julie's the rain had pretty much stopped so we unloaded the buffet, put it in the dining room and it is perfect. (We are such good shoppers!)

I am tired just writing about our day...Probably bored you silly reading it! Hope you are having a great weekend where ever you are!


  1. The day sounded very fulfilling and not boring in the least. And Emily's quilt is very, very pretty. n, np

  2. What a fun day! I love days like that but just wish there were more of them!

  3. That sounds like such a fun day! I love shopping days like that.


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