Monday, March 31, 2008

The Retreat

The Quilter's Heaven retreat was just that...heavenly! We had the best time, learned a different way to make a double wedding ring quilt and met wonderful women. The retreat was held at The Susquehannock Lodge

in Ulysses, Pennsylvania. We took over the lodge dining room with sewing machines, laughter and creativity. Julie and I are looking forward to the next retreat that will come sometime in the fall.

Since we knew we were not going to finish the quilt top in the time we had left after brunch yesterday, we headed home a little early. We HAD to stop at the TJ Maxx and More in Williamsport. Julie is still adding finishing touches to their beach house in Stone Harbor and The Home Store is a perfect place to find anything for home decor. I found two beautiful floral pillows that I just love for my couch

I am now giving some serious thought to tea staining the quilt on the couch to "age" it just a bit. I've never done anything like that but I am guessing that I just fill up the washing machine tub with hot water, steep some family size tea bags and then drop the quilt into the machine. I have never washed this quilt so maybe I should wash it first to get any sizing off the fabric and then do the tea stain thing. Any thoughts? Anybody think that will actually work?!?

Yikes! It's time to get ready for work. As soon as I get the quilt top from the retreat finished (this make take a while!!) I will post photos.


  1. Suggestion on the tea staining. Make sure the item is wet first...I found out it gives a better over all appearance. To me it seemed like if the item was dry it soaked up the stain in a splotchly pattern. But that is just my experience. Other people probably have other ideas. good luck - on which ever way you do it.

    Amelia in Oklahoma

  2. I wonder too if you should start the machine adgitating and then lower the quilt in. Otherwise that could cause uneven too? Then again, if you have a front loader...then well you're on your own!!

    I don't really see why it wouldn't work. What's the worst that can happen? How attached & How much money do you have in that quilt? Should you ruin it, I'd be willing to give you my Harvest Spice quilt as a replacement. Snort.

  3. Glad to hear you had a great retreat experience. I always love getting away and learning something new.


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