Saturday, April 12, 2008

Dance of Joy

I am connected at home...I am using a wireless mouse and keyboard 'cause I hate typing on the laptop. Wonder why I am using the laptop? Turns out that my modem may not have been the problem. The new modem still will not connect with desktop so I have to take my desktop to the office and have our tech figure out what is going on. Thank goodness I have free technical help at the office!

I am going to spray baste the double wedding ring quilt and hopefully get that quilted today. I do have a shopping trip this afternoon to a couple of LQS and I am looking for fabric to make an "Ohio Stars" quilt (ala Bonnie Hunter) for my sister. Her birthday is in May and I wanted to finally make a quilt for her.

Lots to do today and not a lot of time...Off and running!!

1 comment:

  1. I know that you must be so happy to have the Internet back in your home. Did you get a lot done when you were without it?


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