Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It's not the camera...

First, still no Internet and I am getting twitchy. (Thank goodness for Internet at the office!) Second, I have made a very important discovery. I kept thinking that my photos were bad because I had a crappy camera. I have discovered that my photos are bad with a decent camera so the problem must lie with me! Maybe I need to take more shots and actually learn how to use a camera because I really hate being bad at something!

Anyway, here is what I have been working on

As I mentioned, my photography does it absolutely no justice. The purples are really beautiful. This is just still in flimsy form but I will quilt it this weekend. I am going to do it on Jenny. If I wanted to do it on the LA I would have to baste on extensions to the sides and I don't think I want to add a border. I think I am just going to bind it the way it is. What do you think? Does it need another border?

One of my favorite quilt shops is having an anniversary sale this weekend. Everything in the store is going to be 20% off. I can just smell my VISA card melting...


  1. One word describes this masterpiece


    Amelia in Oklahoma

  2. Oh I do love the double wedding ring ,this is beautiful ,which technique did you use? When I did mine I used the Eleanor Burns one .

  3. Oh WOW! I absolutely love the double wedding ring, especially in purples. That is one pattern I have in mind for after the wedding. I'm going to do it for our one year anniversary. What technique did you use?

  4. That is stunning! What color binding are you going to use? I agree, no borders needed!

  5. Gorgeous! You will get a hang of the picture taking. It comes with practice. Have fun shopping!

  6. 20% off at a quilt store-a recipe for some credit card damage! Have fun shopping. Love the wedding ring quilt. Not sure I'm brave enough to attempt that one.

  7. Love your double wedding ring quilt! I too would like to hear about what technique you used. A lady brought in hers today at our Senior Center meeting - she had just put binding around the edges of it and that looked great, so I'd go for that.

  8. i have a double wedding ring that i cut out almost 3yrs ago now. my goal is to complete it this year.

    your's is stunning-i love the purples


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