Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Still no sewing...

I have been working on my parent's taxes since I returned from the retreat so I really haven't had the time to sew. This weekend I am going to shut off the phone, lock myself in the studio and sew! Yes I am!!

Y'all have read about my sister (the quilting one) and I thought I would show you what she made for me a couple of years ago for Christmas Isn't it pretty? It is "Tuscan Rose" and uses the colors that I love. I would really like to lighten up my decor for the spring and summer but she told me that if I ever took it down, she was taking it home! (Nice girl, huh?!)

I have to share the latest additions to my tea pot collection. I waited until they were both on clearance...chick from TJ Maxx and bunny from Joann's. I think they are darling.
Wednesday means meeting day at the office. I would much rather stay home and read blogs but a girl has got to eat (or not!)


  1. The quilt is really pretty! You'll better keep the quilt on the wall so you can still enjoy it! LOL!

  2. I wouldn't take a chance of her taking it back. Hope you get to sew this weekend.

  3. Enjoy your weekend of sewing!!! I love the quilt that your sister made! Very beautiful!!!!


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