Sunday, April 20, 2008

A week since my last post

Ever notice that "it's always something"? I plugged in my desktop computer Friday night when I got it home...turned out McAfee was blocking the Internet connection. I got everything hooked up and it was running beautifully until this morning. Right in the middle of something it shut off. Now it won't turn back on so I am going to assume that the power supply has died. This would really make me crazy if I had to go out and purchase one, however, I just so happen to have a power supply available from my old eMachine and it is the same unit so I will swap it out this week. I am so thankful that I bought this laptop.

Today was the monthly gathering of S4 at Quilty Pam's house. I managed to get all of the fabric cut for Julie's birthday quilt but never took my machine out of the case. We honestly spend more time talking and eating than we ever do anything that resembles sewing! One of the women in our group showed us how to do a "magical" stack and whack kaleidoscope quilt. Looks like that will be the project for our big retreat at Bear Hollow this year.

Before Julie and I went on retreat last month I made each of us this little holder "thingamabob" to put under our machines. Here's mine
04-13-08 005
It was really simple, quick sewing so I am making them for everyone in our group before the retreat in August. Aren't I just the best?!? :0)

I brought home a big bag of scrap strips this afternoon so I am off to sort them by color for a Linus blanket or two. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!


  1. How cute your sewing thingie is ... is there a tutorial?

  2. Love your sewing caddy and how generous is that ,you'll be the favorite at your group .

  3. You are the best! Great idea. I'm going to a quilting retreat in two weeks. I might need to make me one of those.

  4. Those sewing caddies are so fun to make and good FMQ practice. Have fun making them.

  5. That's a really cute sewing caddy! I don't sew but I bet there's lots of things that you can use those for. It's so nice that you're making them for your group too.

    Thanks for visiting my blog-I had to pop over and see yours...glad I came by!


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