Monday, July 7, 2008

Another weekend project

My mother requested a table runner to compliment the DWR quilt that I made her for Mother's Day. This was completely made from stash. (I am so proud of myself!) I stippled the centers of the squares, loops and leaves in the purple surrounding squares, feathers in the attaching strips and then a large meander in the outside border. I worked Jenny hard on Sunday! The worst part of doing this was stitching the binding on by hand which is hindered by my arthritis and hand cramps.

I believe Moneik is working on a tutorial explaining her method of attaching and securing binding. I am surely looking forward to learning something that will hopefully make the process easier!


  1. Your tablerunner looks beautiful! Take a look at my tutorial and see if you understand my method for doing it by machine.

  2. It turned out great and I love the quilting you did on it.


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