Friday, July 11, 2008

How did THAT happen?

I signed up for a "stash busting" class at a LQS near my workplace. The class starts at 5 and runs until 10pm so it is relatively convenient to run over after work. We were to take a pile of stash that coordinated, sewing machine, cutting implements, etc. The instructor gave us a pattern for a simple, yet very pretty, quilt with directions for baby quilt through king size. I decided that I wanted to make a shower curtain for my new house. (Thanks Cindy for the great idea!) I have yards of Moda 3 Sisters Vienna Nights. Seriously, I have so much it is ridiculous. I have it in 4 colorways. HOWEVER, I still ran short on one piece that I need for the quilt. The instructor disappeared for a few moments, came back into the room with a bolt of the fabric and said "ta dah!".

Yep - I went to a stash buster's class and bought more fabric. There is absolutely no hope for me!!


  1. That's a riot!

    I swear my stash grows when it is in the box and the "just a little piece" is in reality nearly a yard or even more.

    I just need to do some REALLY BIG quilts!!!

  2. OK, we're all completely hopeless! Let's get that out of the way right now. I've taken a stash buster class once each month since January. Out of all those tops, I think only one was completed WITHOUT having to buy more fabric. Now, in order to defend myself; the last top I pieced HAD to have a dark purple border, which was not in my stash. The colours have to "speak" to me, or I don't use them. Yeah, yeah, I know I belong in the looney bin.LOL

  3. Oh! Now that's funny. If you go often enough, you'll have to join another class...ahahhahahaa
    I like being a fabric groupie myself. Join me on the dark side. Embrace the obsession.....

  4. Our taste in fabric is very similar. I have more than my share of Vienna Nights too. I've given up on trying to bust the stash - I'm so much better at accumulating it.

  5. You sound like me.You had to buy it,how else would you finish the shower curtain.It would have became an UFO,Then you would have to to an UFO class.LOL

  6. lol! i would end up doing that too

  7. OH, I had been doing the same thing with the stash class that we were doing. Is your class called Stash Pot Pie? That is the series that Cathy and I are doing through my LQS.

  8. Hahaha, Suzan.... that's funny!

    You are NOT hopeless because you are at least you are using your stash to making something like the shower curtain. Can't wait to see the final work. :)

    By the way, the napking fold is called "Rose". I posted the directions on how to make it on my blog for tomorrow. :)

  9. Oh, now my head is spinning with ideas - I have made many shower curtains but none were patchwork. I hate to disturb the guest bath's color scheme but if we redo the master bath......

  10. I'm new to your blog, just discovered your blog tonight.... and I'm reading backwards. ;) how nice to have a quilting cabin...and to spend time with your sister quilting - lucky you!

    I'd love to see a photo of this "Stash Busting" class you took at your LQS... do you have a pic to share? Your fabrics sound beautiful. I haven't been into a LQS in several months, so I'm not familiar with the line you mentioned... (I'm a mom of 3 kids 4 and under) but I know it's pretty if it's MODA. ;)

    Glad to find your blog. Love from Texas! ~bonnie


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