Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"Chocolat Delight"

Here it is - "Chocolat Delight". I decided to lay it out on my living room floor. (I figured I stood a better chance of sleeping if I was in my bed instead of sleeping in the guestroom on an unfamiliar mattress.)* It is hard to see on the beige carpet but on the row closest to the dry sink I am missing one square. I have other pieces that I could use but I need a block that reads "red". I am going to a class tomorrow evening at a LQS so hopefully they will have something left on the shelf that I could use. I know 3 Sisters reds seem to fly off the shelves. My other possibility is that there may be someone in my quilt group that has a piece in their stash. I am going to my sister's this afternoon to see if she has anything. I wouldn't care if I had it laid out for another week or two except that my granddaughter arrives on Saturday. I guess I will just pick up the blocks in order and put this one on the back burner until after Em leaves.

Speaking of Emily, she and I are going to make wheelchair lap quilts while she is here. She has been going to nursing homes since she was a baby and really loves the elderly. We will take them to the facility where my grandmother lived for several years. I love the idea of Emily learning the importance and joy of service and charitable works. I also really enjoy sewing with her. She will be going along with me to my quilt group meeting on Sunday and we will start cutting strips for the quilts.

Guess I have to start thinking about packing stuff. The very thought exhausts me!

* I slept nearly 6 hours last night!


  1. How big do you need? Let me know if you don't find one locally and I can check my stash here, too.

  2. it looks fabulous Suzan-one of my favorite Moda lines. let me know what size you need, i may have some red left in my stash as well!

    hope you get some sleep-i've been struggling with that as well lately

  3. I think I have several reds that would work. Check out my post on January 9th - the border fabric has a nice red background; I also have two other possibles. Say the word and I'll send you some squares.

  4. Looks great - I have a charm pack of Chocolat if that would be any help.

  5. Oh, that's a gorgeous quilt! I love the colors; they're so rich and yummy (kinda like!)

    Thanks for your comment on my blog about which needles to use. I'm going to get microtex needles!


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