Saturday, August 30, 2008

I had a plan today

I got up bright and early this morning with a plan. I took a load of boxes and a basket of laundry over to the house. I unloaded the boxes and put most things where they needed to go. I threw the laundry in the washer. Next on my agenda was a trip to Garden Spot in Ephrata to look for a bed for my father. My sister and I had an Ethan Allen bedroom suite when we were kids. I have one of the beds and my dad has the other. I want to bunk them for my grandchildren in the little bedroom at my house. I needed to find a bed for my dad to replace his. Garden Spot has lots of great used furniture. Pennsylvania House cherry, Ethan Allen maple and cherry, etc. I knew I would find a bed...and I did but I just wasn't sure if my mom would approve. So...I ended up buying 2 chairs for my dining room and I am really happy with my purchase. I don't need to bunk the beds for a couple of months so there is plenty of time to find a bed!

On the way home (Julie went with me) we decided to stop at a quilt shop...and they were having a warehouse sale. Now I have MORE fabric to pack! I need to stop shopping until after I am actually living in the house!!


  1. Sounds like a productive and fun day! PA House furniture lasts forever, if you find it you better buy it ;>)! When is your actual move-in date? Good luck with the packing and moving thing!

  2. Just think of the fabric as packaging materials for your breakables!!!


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