Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A little "show & tell"

This is where we quilt. It is the spring house on my sister's property. It was essentially a one room building with a loft above for sleeping. A bath and small kitchen have been added to the back. It is charming and a wonderful place to quilt. No phone and with 12" thick stone walls, it is extremely quiet. This is the long arm we use. As you can see, it takes up a large portion of the space!

This is the quilt that I just took off the frame. I feathered the borders, did swirly loops in the inner border and did a swirly, wavy looking thing in the body. I am pretty pleased with the quilt! I still have not bound the quilt. I haven't decided on which fabric I am going to use. I would LOVE to bind it in the red but I haven't any left...bummer...


  1. Wow, what I wouldn't give to have a little house in the back yard! It is very charming.

    I love your quilt, and your quilting. I love the color combination.

  2. That is so cool! I want a quilting house! It's never gonna happen, but a girl can dream.....
    Enjoy it!

  3. What a pretty little cottage ,your sister is very lucky .The quilt turned our lovely .

  4. What a great space - I would never want to leave!

    Lovely quilt, too!!!

  5. OH but I bet those 12" thick walls keep it nice and cool.

    How old is the main house? I can only imagine at least 18th century, early 19th.

    Congrats on the finish..... the quilting is lovely!


  6. Congratulations on the quilt - it's darling. Do you have any more of the dark brown print? I would vote to use that for the binding.

    I would give up something critical to have a room for a longarm! Lucky you!

  7. What a charming little house. You did a great job on the quilting - looks really good!

  8. Great House to quilt in. I love your quilt .The colors are so nice together

  9. What a lovely place!!! It looks like it could be in England. The quilt is darling.

  10. fabulous quilt! love your quilting house-it's too cute!

  11. Great job on the quilting. That looks like a great quilting getaway.

  12. What a wonderful 'oasis' for quilting. I love the little cottage! I quite agree with Michelle! Who wouldn't love such a retreat.

    Your quilting is lovely, and I do like the colors on that quilt.


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