Saturday, August 16, 2008

The latest

I mentioned quilting at my sister's while she was on vacation. This is the second quilt that I did during that time.
It is from the first Amanda Jean's quilt along. I decided to attempt "wonky feathers" all over the quilt.

I used a lovely variegated green King Tut thread and Bottom line thread in the bobbin. All things considered, I am really happy with the quilting. As always, I learned something new when quilting this one. I do not like re-stitching the spines of feathers. I prefer one pass and done. I don't know how I could do that with this kind of feather but that will be an experiment for another time. I wish that I had somewhere to display this so you could see the full effect. I really like this quilt very much and it was great finally using up a large chunk of stash to make it.

This quilt is for my niece. She will be a junior this fall at Shippensburg University. I better NEVER see this quilt thrown in the trunk of her car or used as a beach blanket!


  1. Absolutely beautiful! I love the colors you choose. I hope you never see it in the trunk of her car either!

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Suzan you did a great job with the quilt! "IN THE TRUNK OF A CAR" -- NO WAY let me talk with that girl! Just teasing I am sure she will love it very much, such pretty colors!

  3. She'll love it ,it's beautiful and you did a great job on the quilting .

  4. It turned out lovely!! You did a great job.

    Go Raiders!!!


  5. You did a great job.I've been wanting to quilt using the wonky feathers,but have been scared to give it a try.

  6. Great job on the wonky feathers and a beautiful quilt. Have you seen Jodi Robinson's "Less Stress Feathers"? You don't have to backtrack when you do those. Of course, I can't do those either - lol.

  7. lovely Suzan! you did a great job

  8. What a fun block. I love the colors you picked. I'm sure she will love that at college.

  9. Great job, Suzan. I love your last sentence in the post! ;)


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