Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Healing Quilt

Here's the healing quilt flimsie. I think it has kind of a Victorian feel to it. With the exception of the large border, all the fabric was from stash. Most is 3 Sisters Vienna Nights, the red is from Winter by Minnick & Simpson and the outer border is 3 Sisters Chocolat - all from Moda. You cannot tell from the photo that the quilt measures 54"x70". (It looks tiny in the picture!)

From Quilty stuff

I love these colors, especially the reds. Lately I have been drawn to red. Maybe it's just a phase but I really do love the warmth in a lot of Moda reds. Perhaps I should add some red fabric to my bedroom and spice up the place!


  1. I'm impressed that you remember what collection your fabric came from! It's all just yard goods to me! Once I stash it in the closet (and especially if the selvege is trimmed off) I haven't a clue. Unless it's something that just screams the designer's name, like Lynette Jensen.

  2. Wow - great memory is right. I usually have no clue!

    The red is wonderful - I like the warmth of those darker reds - very rich.

  3. The fabrics are so nice. I'm happy for you to be back in business sewing and living!

  4. Really pretty - the red squares are squares, right? I'm thinking seriously of stealing that pattern...

  5. I love it, Suzan -- the red really sets off the entire quilt! You did good!!!

  6. So much going on in your life right now! I am glad your knee is so much better. I have had cortisone shots in my left knee from time to time - any shot is better than that horrible pain! I'm happy that your niece is doing better, too. That beautiful quilt will definitely go a long ways toward making her feel well again!


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