Monday, October 27, 2008

My 2 cents...

I just read something on another blog that made my head hurt. The premise of the posting was the author supposed that some people thought they were better than others due to having expensive sewing machines or having a quilt studio.

Until I bought Jenny, most of my sewing machines were yard sale purchases. My favorite machine for quilting cost me $5. I bought Jenny because I could not afford the Viking Mega Quilter and since the Janome was essentially the same machine at a much lower price, I purchased it. What I was looking for was a larger harp to make free motion quilting easier.

When I was living in my apartment, I sewed in a 12 x10 room that also housed my computer, all my scrapbook stuff and a bed for guests. I cut fabric on either my dining room table or in my storage room on a big banquet table that I had set up. When I bought my house, I was looking for a space where I could quilt and craft and only when absolutely necessary use for anything else. I call it my quilt studio. I could as easily call it my sewing room or my crafting room.

I have been quilting for about 4 years. I am an adequate quilter. Most days I like what I have created.

I quilt for one person and that is me. Having a new machine and my designated place for quilting makes me happy. I certainly do not think myself a better quilter because I have the tools to quilt. I am simply a happier quilter. I make no apologies for that.


  1. I thought it was a good article and commented on it. Then I read yours and I thought, you know...SUZAN is right!!! I went over and deleted my comment. There's just the two of us; Mike and I. We needed a bigger place so we moved after 9 YEARS of being cramped in the other and me sewing in the living room. There's 2 of us so we get to spread out a bit. I may joke about having 2 "Studio's" but are we just supposed to leave that room with nothing in it? Should I just put my frame in the basement for the heck of it? Heck, my recent machine purchases were because I got a SECOND JOB so that I could keep spending money on my hobby. Anyway I slice it; it's still cheaper than therapy. I'm not going to feel bad because of my purchases. What's TOL for one isn't TOL for another.

  2. I agree with you. You don't need the best of everything and it feels a lot better to made do to get something done than to spend a butt load of money and not be happy with the results! You definitely need to do what makes YOU happy and not worry about what others think. My thoughts to the other person would be - Bugger off!!!

    Don't let one person's messed up thoughts ruin your day or week! {HUGS} to you!

  3. Opinions are great - everyone has one! We are all different and like different things and have different opportunities. Nothing makes us better or worse. I love how Nadine in Europe doesn't even use a machine for anything. All her work is hand sewn. And she is WAY better than me! I make no complaints and no apologies. But I love my space and my 15+ year old machine. Of course I'd love a new one, but that is NOT happening. People are funny.

  4. I'm sorry but I agree wit hthe article and I said so.
    I have come up against alot of people who, because they ahve a top of the range sewing machine/gadget think they are better than me.
    In the UK it gets worse as there a lot of people who will look down on you because you machine quilt instead of hand quilt.
    I have been to plenty of workshops where all the ladies are interested in is one up manship. All they talk about is how much their machine costs 9even though they can't work it properly)and how big their sewing room is. I'm not interested.
    I've even been told that because I didn't ( at the time ) have a computerized machine that I would never be any good at quilting. The only reason I changed machines is because I won one in a competition.

    Please ladies take the blinkers off. You may not be part of it but these people and this attitude does exist.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  5. While we all love our sewing rooms and toys , I have great respect for someone who can sew on a dining room table with a second hand machine and scrap fabric .Would I like to give up my toys ,not on your life . But lets be honest it is much harder and more inconvenient when we don't have all the luxury's .I say kudos to these people who can manage with the extras .If we are fortunate enough to have the extras thats ok to ,I think its the bragging and the bashing of others that causes the problems .

  6. When DH and I were looking for our first condo this past winter one of the requirements was to have two bedrooms so I could make one a sewing studio. It's important for me to have my own creative space so I don't have to pick up my work when company comes over.

    I don't think I'm better than anyone else. I create and play with fabric and thread because I don't know how not to. I don't have a fancy machine or fancy tools. The one item I do buy that can be expensive is Presencia thread for embroidery rather than DMC floss.

    Thanks for an interesting post.


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