Friday, October 3, 2008

Quick post

Thanks to everyone for your kind comments regarding my niece. She is still in the trauma unit at the hospital but is doing very well. We are expecting that she will be sent to a regular room this weekend. It will be a long recovery process but we are all feeling very hopeful at this point.

Kendra's quilt won't be ready for blessing this Sunday but will be by the following Sunday. My sister and I are anxious to give it to her. I will share photos when we have it finished.


  1. So glad to hear the news is good.

  2. I am glad to hear about the good news. I just heard at my sewing club last night that a brother of our sewing club hostess got in a bad motorcycle accident. It made me think of your niece...

    Thanks for your kind words on my dishes. I LOVE the Blue Danube too, even though I don't have any pieces. I like to use my blue and white and anything - especially with red, they make quite a statement.

    Have a great weekend. Will keep praying for your niece.

    [I am leaving this comment using my gmail account - my blog address remains:]

  3. I just got around to reading blogs from this past week. I'm so sorry to hear of your neices accident. It is good to read that although she still has alot of healing, she is doing better. Her new quilt may be just the ticket she needs to heal even faster!

  4. Great news! Will keep you and yours in my prayers!


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