Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mo' Betta Knee

Thanks to everyone for your inquiries and well wishes. My knee is much improved after cortisone, lots of rest and ice. This morning I went up to the studio and put some borders on my niece's quilt. One more and it will be ready for the LA.

While my sister and I are in the mood to be generous, we decided to make a quilt for our other niece that is graduating from a Medical Assistant program next week. She likes black and white so Julie picked up Mark Lipinski's Califon.

It is really pretty in the black & white colorway. We are going to do another "Four on the Floor" but this will be double bed size. Rather than spend the big bucks on yards and yards of backing, I am going to cheat and pick up 108" wide backing fabric from Joann's with a 40% off coupon. They have a white on white that should work.

I will not get any sewing done this weekend until maybe late Sunday afternoon. My friends from Virginia and New York are coming for a "girl's weekend". They are not quilters. Maybe I can lure one or two of them over to the dark side...


  1. I cheated and used 108" wide backing for a quilt I did for our friends in chicago, and I believe that the backing on my irish chain was wideback also. SO easy. I didn't even feel bad about using it. :)

    there's a shop (online only) based out of the town next to me that sells fatbacks (they copyrighted the name). they have a pretty decent selection, too, if you're looking.

  2. I love that fabric. I used some of it in the one I just finished for my daughter, but I would love to do a whole quilt in it. Don't forget the pictures when you're done!

  3. Hi Suzan,

    So glad to hear that you are feeling better!

    I hope you had a grand time with your girlfriends. :)

  4. Hi Suzan,

    Thanks for your kind words --- they mean the world to me.

    Is there any way you can bribe your sister?! :) Also, I know that a lot of Bernina dealers don't mind people just walk in to their store and try it out and see if they like the BSR. Or... you can come on over to my house, and we can have a BSR party! ;)

    Have a great day!

  5. Does the doctor know what happened inside your knee when it popped? Hope there isn't ligament damage. My "hey, I'm 55 and I've climbed ENOUGH stairs" knees are bad by themselves, so you have my sympathy.


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