Saturday, December 20, 2008

7 hours of sleep!

Whoo hoo! For "women of a certain age", a decent night's sleep is to be treasured. I got some lovely rest last night so I am bright eyed this morning.

I cut out and FINISHED a Christmas gift already this morning. I would post a photo but the recipient reads my blog. Let me just say that I love working with decorator fabrics. I am going to lay out the fabric and pattern for another gift this morning. My nephew and his lovely wife are expecting a baby in May. I am making her a grocery cart liner to use when the baboo is big enough to sit up in the cart. I think they are a wonderful idea. Goodness only knows what kind of nasty is on the cart seats and handles! My final project for today will be a gift for my BIL. He owns a "Big Green Egg" and has become quite a chef on the unit. He belongs to an on-line group for "Eggers" and has a screen name that I want to embroider on the front pocket of a chef's apron.

Oh, another thing for today...Pfaltzgraff outlet stores are going out of business. The last day they are open is tomorrow so if the roads are decent, my sister and I are going to run to the outlets in Hershey and see what is left. I am hearing that merchandise is marked down as much as 90% off. I really hope they have some "Pistolet" left in stock. Why didn't I know about this a couple of weeks ago?!!?


  1. Sleep? Not me. I slept in my chair for a couple hours, like from 8-10 then since my house looked like a tornado ran though, because of 'A whole 'nother story' (maybe I'll email you all the gory details. Need a laugh?)I was up until 4:30am. Gee, it's only 7:23 and I'm up again.

    Yes, I'm in that 'certain age' stage too. Isn't it wonderful? (she says with crossed eyes!)

    Have a wonderful day, whatever you do, and be careful on the roads if you go out.

  2. Amen sister!!! Sleep?????? 7 hours????? Sounds like heaven to me.

    Good luck on the Pfaltzgraff... I have my Village dishes from when we got married....... very rarely used.

    Happy Holiday Hugs!!!


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