Sunday, December 21, 2008

Remember my messy studio?

Well, it's back! I have fabric snippets and thread all over the carpet. I have batting on the floor, cutting table and on the ironing board. I have storage bins pulled down from shelves and on the carpet creating an obstacle course. I have two sewing machines set up side by side just so I don't have to move my chair too far. I still have to crawl into the storage under the eaves and look for some yardage of denim. If the weather folks could just be wrong about the lack of snow for tomorrow. I NEED one snow day before Christmas to get all my projects finished and restore some semblance of order upstairs!

Knowing that I had all this to do, I still went to the Pfaltzgraff outlet yesterday with my sister and then out to Red Robin for lunch. I SCORED at Pfaltzgraff! I found a couple of pieces of Weir in cayenne for my DIL. For my son who really likes to cook I found a santoku knife (70%) off that he will love. My dad makes an apple pie every year for Thanksgiving. I got him a pumpkin shaped pie plate from their Plymouth collection. (Isn't it cute?!)
I put some Pistolet in my basket but changed my mind at the very last minute. I did pick up an adorable teapot for my collection. All this for less than $20! I felt like a shopping guru!!

I guess I need to get back to Jenny and quilt the fabric for the baby's shopping cart seat. When it is finished I will post a photo because I think this thing is going to be darling!


  1. Sounds like you made quite a haul for your $20. Doesn't it just feel wonderful to get bargains?

    Don't fret over your sewing studio. I have found creativity lacks in a neat environment. It will all clean up rather quickly when you need it to.

    Have a wonderful, fruitful day.
    Be blessed,

  2. Hello Susan, doesn't it feel good to get a bargain. I know I always feel good when it happens. If you want to see a messy studio, you should see mine. I just cannot seem to put anything away, and I want everything out where I can grab it when I am in the thross of creating.
    I wished you live closer as well, I would love to let you get the basket. It has so much more than the picture shows. Lots of quilting material, a fab bookcalled "Grandma's garden quiilt." 6 pair of knitting needles, yarn crochet thread, and a couple of just because things. If you are truly interested, may I be so bold as to suggest a deal I come down on my price a bit, and we split the shipping. I hope this is not ofensive it wasn't ment that way. Just wanted to help if I could. I could give you my e-mail and we could talk. Whishin you the best. TTFN

  3. You were a great bargain shopper. I think sewing is more fun when it comes down to the wire. Heck I still need to quilt and bind a quilt, make a tote bag, lots of pillow cases and a few other little things.

  4. Are you going to post a photo of the adorable teapot for us china freaks?! LOL You should have treated yourself to the Pistolet, too. At those prices, it couldn't have cost very much.


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