Saturday, December 27, 2008


Hope everyone had a lovely holiday. We surely did here! My granddaughter slept in until a little after 7 so her Mama and I had time to start the blueberry muffins (a tradition in our family) and have some coffee together sharing some quiet time before the hoopla began. Ms. Em apparently enjoyed her day as she declared it "the best Christmas ever!" I think she actually enjoyed the fact that it was fairly laid back with intervals of excitement and activity. My parents joined us for brunch - and more gifts! Before brunch, Emily gave us a little concert on her viola.

Later in the morning I went up to the studio to make my BIL's gift (chef's apron in denim) and then came down to start the ham. I made a strange glaze from orange juice, brown sugar, honey mustard and pumpkin pie spice. It tasted terrific! We had our Christmas dinner about 5 and then after clean up we headed to my quilty sister's for dessert and MORE PRESENTS!

My sister knows that I love old, vintage, antique anything. Look at my sweet little sewing stand Christmas gift from Julie
We had a grand time at my sister's home. They have an enormous family room which is terrific for family gatherings. It is the only place in which we can all fit at one time!

I have been blessed to have my son and his family here with me since the 23rd. They are leaving today and heading back down to Gloucester, Virginia for another Christmas celebration with Brian's dad and wife. They will spend the night and then continue home to Chesapeake. I am sure they will enjoy sleeping in their own beds on Sunday night. I know that I will miss the excitement and joy of having them here with me.

I won't have much time to be lonely, however. My oldest son, his wife and 2 more grandchildren - and MORE presents - arrive this afternoon. I love long Christmas celebrations!


  1. It looks, and sounds like you have had lots of wonderful times the past few days, with more to come. I know you will miss them when they are gone. Enjoy your loved ones, and have a wonderful weekend!
    I think you'll need a nap before the next bunch arrives.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time - enjoy!

  3. Hi Suzan,

    I loved reading about how you had spent your Christmas!! Your granddaughter is a beauty!

  4. Aw the sewing chest is sweet and charming. Lovely gift. Your grandaughter is sweet. Good for her to take on the viola. My daughter plays the viola and 2 of my girls play the cello. Instruments are so important. My favorite though is the son? in the back ground looking at his phone. Classic!


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