Tuesday, December 30, 2008

All quiet on the home front

My second batch of guests left this morning. I always say that I won't let myself get all weepy but it happens every time. You would think these kids didn't live just 7 hours away! Especially with the price of gas so low, I can easily jump in the car on a Friday morning, be there when everyone gets home from school, enjoy the weekend and head back home on Monday morning. 3 weeks of vacation disappear pretty quickly but that's what vacation days are for!

In a fit of madness I decided to do Bonnie's New Year's Eve mystery quilt - Double Delight. I need to dig through my stash to find fabrics that will work. I really don't want to buy any fabric before the middle of January. I am trying to pace myself! I have been doing a good job of reducing my stash so that I could bring in some new pretties to touch, smell, gaze upon and occasionally actually use.

Do you have any exciting plans for ringing in the New Year?


  1. I have seen a few people are doing this.... I am thinking that I may have to, too!

  2. I know the feeling. I get sad when my daughter goes home and she only lives a mile away.
    This New Years Eve the quilt store where Jen and I work is having a sewing party. We're all getting together and having a pot luck dinner and sewing the night away, I can't wait.


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