Monday, February 22, 2010

Creative? Not so much…

I had some big sewing plans for this weekend but ended up spending little time in the studio.  I stayed busy, just not doing what I had originally intended.

My oldest son and his wife were expecting their third child in May. Amy’s (DIL) water broke at 24 weeks into the pregnancy and has been in the hospital since that time.  The baby is now at 28 weeks and we are praying that he hangs in for another six weeks though that is probably not realistic.  As you can imagine, this has been a difficult time for their family.  The hospital has strict rules about no one under the age of 18 being allowed to visit.  Amy misses her children terribly and they miss their mama.  She did have one 5 minute visit in the lobby with security standing nearby.  (Don’t even get me started on the importance of the mother’s mental health in addition to her physical well being!)  At first there were a lot of phone calls and visits from friends but as the hospital stay has lingered on, fewer visits.  Thank goodness Amy’s mother has been able to stay with Chad and the children which has been wonderful. I will go down after the baby is born and then I will be in Virginia for two weeks in June to take care of Andrew so that Amy can go back to work and finish out the school year.  Since I can’t visit, I send lots of emails and sent her a package on Saturday.  I want to send something again next weekend so I whipped these up


I love making burp cloths.  I used a piece of fabric from my stash and backed them with chenille.  No quilting, just some simple sewing and top stitching.  I think I will make a couple of matching bibs before I pop them in the mail next weekend.  I have some flannel left over from Alex’s baby quilt and a piece of Minkee from another project.  I am going to whip up a quick little quilt.  I know Andrew (new baby) will not be able to have it in the isolette with him after he is born but I wanted to make something for him. 

Speaking of which – does anyone know where I could find a pattern for preemie baby clothing?  I just want to make some little, tiny onesies and maybe a diaper shirt or two.  Best case scenario, Andrew will be around 3 lbs when he is born.  If he is born in the next couple of weeks only in the 2 lb range.  I can’t even imagine how tiny he will be!  If they release him at 5 lbs, he is still going to be way too tiny for a standard newborn clothing.

I also did some mindless stuff


I needed labels and it is easier to just make up an entire sheet, iron them on ribbon and do all the cutting at one time.  (My cutting mat looks disgusting!)  I have no excuse now to start working on bags…but I will probably think of something!


  1. When all 3 of my GC were born (all premies) we used doll clothes.

    BUT here's a tutorial to make your own onies and you could downsize the pattern I believe.

    Wishing all turns out for the wee one.


    Here are a few - hope you do not need the tiniest ones and may he grow quickly!!!!

  3. Best of luck when the new little baby comes! Your burp clothes are adorable. Jenn

  4. I hope all goes well with your new little grandbaby...hope he stays in the oven just a little longer. My prayers will be there.

    Love your burp cloths.

  5. your poor daughter in law. i was on hospitalized bedrest for the last 2.5 months of my last pregnancy; it was so hard! hope everything goes well


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