Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow day!

I know, you’re tired of snow, tired of winter, etc.  Me, too!  However, today is an official “snow day” at work and I don’t have to go in or do any work related stuff and there is no guilt.  Since I am salaried, I don’t have to take a vacation day and I don’t have to make up the time.  It’s a GOOD thing!  I probably will not be dug out by tomorrow so I have permission to work from home on Thursday.  I love working from home because there are no interruptions and I get so much more accomplished.  I am very disciplined so I really do work.  I do take the occasional break and throw a load of laundry in the washer or do another small household task but mostly I work.

Today I will be working on a new bag design for Hazelnut Hill.  It is my “Lunch Bag” and so much prettier than brown bagging it.  Here’s a little preview:IMG_7504I am using some lovely Moda fabric that I had in my stash.  It has two pockets across the back interior and a little pocket that holds the juice box size frozen cooler container.  It is lined with fleece and thermal batting to keep things cool.  I am going to make a matching purse and I think that will be my bag for the rest of the winter.  I love my black leather Coach bag but it’s boring.  I need a little “zippidy doo dah” to finish out this cold, gray season! 

There are a couple of other little sewing projects I want to finish today.  One is a gift that needs to get in the mail by Saturday.  You know how I like working under pressure!


  1. Very Pretty! We are all needing some “zippidy doo dah”! Love that fabric! Enjoy your snow days...

  2. Luck you! I'm so jealous. I have to either work from home today or take a vacation day...and unfortunately the office is slow so I have no work. Enjoy your fun day!

  3. The fabrics for the bag are beautiful. Should surely cheer up this old winter!

  4. love this fabric!

    i am so jealous of your snow :( my flowers are all blooming; i've been wearing flipflops. and the Olympics start in less than 48hours and we have no snow!


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