Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend recap

Let’s see…I dug out my car, shoveled my sidewalk 3 times, cleaned my bedroom, watched 7 DVDs, soaked beans that never softened, made cinnamon rolls, finished quilting the Halloween wall hanging but still have not bound it, quilted and bound the Valentine’s Day table runner, IMG_7500 IMG_7499 cleaned the studio and made a twin sized quilt flimsy.  IMG_7501 (I also fell off the porch, twisted my back and wrenched my knee!)

Oh my goodness!  I am looking at the photo of my quilt and see that I put a row on upside down.  Thank goodness I only have one border on it.  Darn!  I was so proud of myself.  (Pride goeth before the fall…)  At first I thought I hung the quilt upside down because I noticed the roses were upside down and then I realized that pink points do not touch.  By the way, this is my favorite quickie quilt pattern.  It’s called “Four on the Floor” from The Quilt Connection.  You can honestly make a baby quilt start to finish in about 2 hours and a lap quilt in 4 hours.  Anyway, I just looked at the quilt and it is the second row from the bottom that is turned upside down so that should not be too big an ordeal to fix…but I can almost guarantee it will not be fixed anytime soon!!


  1. Love the quilts...your table looks like a magazine should be proud.

    Too bad about your fall - no fun at all.

    Snow, snow and more snow for you...and probably not the last one of the season either.

    Enjoy the week.

  2. At least you didn't notice the upside down row after it was quilted! And I want to personally thank you for keeping the snow away from NH which I am enjoying as snowless this year.

  3. You are one busy lady.....getting alot accomplished....

  4. You have had your fill Suzan. Spring can't come soon enough. Hope your back and knee are ok.

  5. You were busy. I hope you are not suffering too much from your knee and back. Take care of yourself

    Love and hugs Gina xxx


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