Saturday, January 1, 2011


So, what's new for 2011?  Well, I cut my hair.  Seriously cut my hair.  My mother declared me "too old for long hair".  (Love her but she makes me crazy!)  I actually had been thinking along those same lines but I let her believe it was her idea.  Next week will be the color change.  I have been talking about it for YEARS and I am finally ready.  Be gone strawberry blondish hair!  I am going to ease into my natural hair color.  I think it is mousy brown with a whole lot of white.  The transition will be interesting.

I am going to finally open a little Etsy shop and start advertising on some blogs.  I am doing the Dave Ramsey thing and 2011 is the year to reduce debt.  I really want to be able to create full time and work part time (mostly for insurance benefits).  This is a long term goal and I am a long way from being able to declare myself financially independent but this is the year to begin.

2011 will also be the year of the real vacation.  I am not sure where I am going or what I am going to do but I will vacation this year.  I do love Holden Beach, North Carolina but Seattle keeps calling my name!

2011 is the year of finishing my stack of UFOs!  I have so many quilt tops that just need quilting.  I have way too many quilts that just need binding!  I have all ready made blocks that just need to be assembled.  I am not going to lose my mind over this. I am going to be methodical and practical (neither are my strong suit!).  First thing is the binding on a quilt I made for my son and daughter in law.  I am binding it this weekend and checking that one off my list.  (I love checking things off lists!)

How about you?  Any plans for 2011?  Do tell!!


  1. I will get back to you on my lists of things to get done in 2011.

    I am still working on the lists from 2010.

    It is so cool that it is 1-1-11.

  2. So where is the short hair picture?! Funny thing is....I just grew mine long for the first time since high school!

  3. You and I both! I've just given up the job that kept my hair colored but kept me out of the church choir and attending services with the main church body. I'm also going SHORTER soon. Why didn't someone TELL me how awesome it is to get out of the shower and run your fingers through your hair and be ready to go??!!


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