Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Icky weather!

First it snowed last night.  Then there was sleet.  Now it is freezing rain.  It is just plain nasty outside.  I  attempted to look out the window in my studio and I cannot.  There is a coating of ice on the window so all I can see are shapes. Thankfully, I am working from home and I am nice and cozy in my big, fat fleece robe that I got for Christmas!

Now for the technical portion of this post...

Do you use LiveWriter?  I used to use it and then suddenly it stopped working for me.  I type the title and then about 2 sentences into the post the whole thing disappears and LiveWriter shuts down. Weird, huh? I have done a "re-install" twice.  It is very strange because I used the program for months without any problems.  I do like it so much better than writing in Blogger.  So, if you have had any issues and have resolved them, I would love to know what you did!

Back to work.  (I am thinking cookies will be made today!)


  1. We got the freezing rain...don't look like I will be going anywhere.

  2. Incredible photo!! I love it.

    Stay warm and safe today. I was thinking about you last night when I was watching and reading weather data!

  3. It's SNOWING here-AGAIN!! We just shoveled 18" and I have no idea how much this time...ugh!!

    Don't use the LiveWriter, I'm still fighting with blogger when I post! double UGH!!

  4. We got a snow day out of this one... and while I am sewing up a storm... I really didn't want to lose a day later in the year.

    Oh well... I was thinking of baking too :o)... maybe the girls will make brownies

  5. we are just having icky rain here...good day to stay inside


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