Sunday, January 9, 2011

What a weekend!

I worked in the studio all day on Saturday and I can see the floor!!  I dusted, vacuumed, organized and sorted.  Here's what it looked like after I started cutting again.


Today I finished a UFO - a baby quilt that I started 3 years ago.

I also started AND finished a table runner that someone had ordered. The "leaf" fabric is the backing. I sure hope she likes it!

Because I worked inside all weekend, I have not done anything about cleaning snow off or from around my car. I think I am going to get a lot of exercise tomorrow morning!


  1. Love! the table runner Suzan. It's just fabulous and has inspired me to wander off and start a table runner of my own that I've been thinking about for months.

    Thanks for the push and good luck with moving snow!

  2. The tablerunner turned out great, but THAT BABY QUILT is gorgeous!! Good job on the cleaning and, don't you feel better??

    Hope you can get the car out with out too much trouble! Pray for us.

  3. Love the table runner the colors are great .

  4. YEAH for the finish and whoohoo on cleaning and organizing.\!

  5. Love your certainly were very the runner and baby quilt.


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