Monday, January 17, 2011

Busy weekend

I started and completed a new purse design. I cut out two additional bags and started piecing them.  I also did laundry, put ALL of my Christmas decor away (which meant more than 20 trips to and from the basement), cleaned, baked cookies, made a mean pot of chili, reorganized the linen closet and crocheted a scarf. I worked so hard this weekend I need to go back to work to get some rest!

I was also doing some "experimenting" with my Canon p&s camera.  (I swear I am going to learn how to use that darn thing!)  The lighting in my studio is less than optimal - especially for taking photos.  I prefer to use natural light when I can and really don't like the glare that always seems to appear when I am using a flash.  I thought I would try something.  Here are two photos of the new drawstring tote.  The first is taken with flash and the ISO set at 800.

The second is taken with flash, ISO 800 but this time I taped a piece of wax paper over the flash.

I didn't edit them except for the addition of the watermark.  I really like the second one with the "diffused" flash.  With the full flash the whites really seem too bright.  I think I will mess around with the second one in Piknic and when I am happy with it I will post on Hazelnut Deux.

Speaking of editing, I use Picasa and especially like the addition of Piknic to the software.  I did the trial with Photoshop Elements but honestly did not have the time to really take advantage of all the features.  If I were a serious blogger and had the time, I think Photoshop is an incredible program.  I use Picasa because it is easy to learn, has really nice features and is free.

I like free and easy!


  1. Wow Suzan, you were a busy bee this weekend. We seem to be in the same mode. We were away for Christmas , so when we got back the mess and Christmas decorations through me for a loop. I think I'm back to normal now. Love your idea with the flash...I never use my flash either. The bag is too cute!
    Take care,

  2. I agree, the diffused flash is better. I want to make a small light box to help with times there is little light inside. I heard that helps a lot.

    Well, you were busy this weekend. LOVE that bag. Enjoy your day relaxing at work! LOL

  3. LOVE IT!!

    The second pic is much nicer...I want a new camera, but don't want the learning curve that will come with it, lol!!

  4. Im photographically challenged, but the second one looks less stark to me too.

    Sounds like all sorts of busy was going on at your place recently!


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