Thursday, January 6, 2011


Like nearly every other quilter, New Year translates into "organize your sewing space". Many quilters are finding all their PIGS and UFOs and are making plans to finish projects. At this point, I would really like to be able to FIND my unfinished projects! Behold - my studio:

Why (you may ask) is there a hole punch on the ironing board?  I DON'T KNOW!

Yes - that is a multi-function printer on the corner of my sewing table.  Why is it sitting there?  I DON'T KNOW!

I am only showing you 2 corners of the room.  You really don't want to see the other two corners.  My plan is to attack this a bit at a time over the next few days so that I can actually sew again over the weekend.  Usually when I take on a project like this there are lots of things I "think" I need to purchase to help with the organization.  Not this time.  I have all the containers I could possibly need.  I just need to actually put something into the containers!

There are rumors of snow coming this weekend.  With snow I would be forced to stay indoors and do something constructive...rather than take my 40% off coupon to Burkholders to buy jelly rolls and charm packs!  (Though I do have a container for them...)


  1. Taking that 40% off coupon and using it sounds like a lot of fun to me.... No snow please.

    Good luck organizing, your room looks like mine did.

  2. You are not alone! I am right there with you. I started working on cleaning some of my space this past week. Seems like I've barely made a dent, but I'm hanging in there. It does seem to be inspirational to have an organized area! Good luck.

  3. My sewing space is in full view of everyone, so I am forced to keep it organized least I hear bitching...

    I agree, take the coupon and go shopping.

    Glad you had a safe trip back from seeing your family. Again, it was such an honor having girly time with you and a fabulouso lunch!!

  4. Quick!! Go before the snow falls!! Now that is a plan!

    My space is somewhat organized. Comes and goes in waves, organized-noting going on, disorganized...usually means working on something. While it's somewhat organized, it's not. I think it's called organized clutter, yep, that's what we'll call it!

  5. One hint that helps me is to clean after every project is completed .Now if you go in the room while I'm in the middle of a project everything is disorganized .

  6. Oh that's not messy that's "well used" LOL!

  7. I see possibilities there.. what a wonderful creative space!! Enjoying the process makes it more fun! I always find 'lost' treasures when I do a clean up...;-)I make a mess when I am working on projects way around it.
    My room is small and I will NOT take my sewing into rest of my home. I made that a rule to help keep me on track.
    Okay I do take hand projects when I watch TV...hahaha!
    Have fun!!

  8. I have the same problem...I start organizing then I get to apoint I don't know what to do with some items.

  9. :-) Amazing what creeps into our sewing spaces! My ironing board was wrapping central so I had to banish that right quick. I am working on cleaning up and prioritizing the projects right now - hoping for a snowy weekend as well!

  10. That looks so familiar, unfortunately! I think we're all the same - let's just put it down to creative genius. I'm in the middle of decorating my sewing room right now, so I feel your pain.

  11. Oh it's not that bad it's a room that is full of love. I'd go use the coupon before the snow comes that way you can stay in all weekend and sew I sew in my livingroom since it's the only space available. The sewing cabinet has been closed up for the holidays but it all goes back to normal on Saturday when some friends are coming to sew.


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