Thursday, January 20, 2011

More of the same...

weather! Snow is coming tonight so I am working from home again on Friday.  Life is good!!

I saw over on Kim's blog that she is working on a quilt for her son. (Click over because it is beautiful and you need to see it!) The pattern she is using is from Bonnie Hunter's "Scrappy Mountain Majesties". Four or five years ago, I made all the half square triangle sets, attempted Bonnie's instructions and made a mess of two blocks. (I don't know if it was because I was tired or if I wasn't motivated but at that point in time, I was befuddled!)  I pulled out the blocks yesterday and started cutting and sewing little mountains. They are adorable!

 I originally had the idea for the quilt based on one I saw at a quilt shop in Wellsboro, PA while trekking north to our retreat destination. I am working on the blocks sporadically now as I am trying to finish up two commission pieces but I think the mountain blocks will be my project for

Handmade by Heidi

Are you going to sew on Friday night?


  1. I did what you said and went over....amazing quilts and such a range of variations...thanks!

  2. Looks great...funny how things that did not work for us first time around just falls into place at a later point.

  3. I too, went over to see and if I liked HSTs more, than I might like them, but sense I cannot find my HST ruler than I am staying away from the (on purpose) until I have another one. Hahaha

    Enjoy your snow...again. I am going to Richmond with a friend...might stop at a quilt shop or two. So there!!

    Yes, I will be sewing on Friday night! Can not wait.

  4. These blocks are great - I have a buzz saw that failed miserably - this reminds me i need to pull it out and see what I can salvage into something else. Hoping to sew tomorrow night, if this cold eases up a bit for me.

  5. Dang! I forgot about the Sew In, I drank wine, ate cookies and played a video game instead. :P


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