Friday, January 28, 2011

It's true

I occasionally watch "What Not to Wear". Staci and Clinton are always yammering about finding the perfect pair of jeans, how painful it is and how many pairs you have to try before you find the perfect jean.  Well, it's true.  You do have to try on a lot of jeans and look at yourself in those horrid dressing room mirrors.  You may shed a few tears.  For me, never again!  I have found the perfect jeans.

Photo from the Lee website
They are made by Lee and called Slender Secret Graham Straight Leg.  There is a touch of Lycra in the denim that is amazing.  I did have to hem them because to find the perfect jean I had to go with a long length in the leg.  Hemming a pair of pants that make you look good and feel good is no hardship!  I wore them to work yesterday (because we can wear jeans on snow days) and someone told me my jeans looked great on me AND how much thinner I was getting.  OK, gotta be honest - I have lost a few pounds but it was the jeans, people!  I bought the dark wash (I think it is called Onyx but they are not black - just a really, really dark blue) and they refer to them as a "modern" fit - the waistband is below the waist but not half way down my tush!  I am fortunate to live very near (what I believe to be) the original Vanity Fair outlet in Reading, Pennsylvania so I could try on lots of different pairs of jeans.  I also bought at outlet pricing so they didn't cost an arm and a leg.  On the Lee site right now they are on sale for $32.99 with an MSRP of $42.  I bought mine just before Christmas on special.  I paid less than $20 for them.

There you have it.  Real woman's body, jeans that fit.


  1. Everyone deserves a pair of jeans that fits them well and they feel good when wearing. I have not tried any of the Lee's jeans (well that I recall). I have worn Gloria Vanderbilt jeans for years and really like them.

    Have a great careful driving in the weather.

  2. I have been loving on LEI's and Glo, but I might have to try these out. I too, love the lower waist band.

    I don't know if I can find your price...but we shall see. I really need new jeans badly.

  3. I haven't bought new jeans in years. But I am facing that daunting task as the pounds slip off. Right now, Staci and Clinton would die in horror because the ONLY place my jeans even quasi fit is the waist and I can actually pull them down without unbuttoning and unzipping. It's time to shop.

  4. Might have to go and hunt down these jeans...

  5. I'm needing some new jeans, thanks for the post. I had heard about these and wondered if all of the hipe was really true.

  6. Ooh nice deal- and for great jeans no less! You go!


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