Wednesday, August 1, 2012


My granddaughter left on Sunday morning.  Life is back to "normal" and I could not be more unhappy about it.  It is such a joy to come home from work to a sweet voice asking about my day and wanting to help with dinner.  Yes, I did much more laundry and tidied up more but every minute of having Emily with me was so worth the extra tasks.  I discovered that I am a much better teacher than I thought I was and even when I don't mean to do it, I hover just a bit when someone else is sewing!

So helping to chase away the blues I am back in the studio working on a new project.  I have a bee in my bonnet.

I am thinking "starshine", bohemian, hippy.  I am using all blue/green batik prints.  Wanna guess what I am making?

1 comment:

  1. I always feel a bit lost for a day or so when my grandson has been here and then leaves . Start planning another holiday with your beautiful grand daughter . It’ll give you something else to look forward to.

    As for my guess...Im thinking some kind of tote?


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