Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Yesterday we received more information regarding the quilt retreat my sister and I are attending at the end of March. We were so excited about learning "Double Wedding Ring". Turns out we are going to learn "Double Wedding Ring Light" (my word) which is really the Quiltsmart version of the pattern. The whole thing is sort of foundation pieced onto pre-printed interfacing. We can choose to do a table runner or wall hanging while we are there. When I told Julie her response was "Oh - well, I'm disappointed. How do you feel about it?" Exactly the same! We really were not mislead. The advertisement for the retreat said we would be using old and new techniques. So, I am disappointed but I also look at it as a weekend to get away to meet some new people, have my meals prepared for me and sew to my heart's content. It was suggested that we also might want to bring along a current WIP so I will have plenty to do when I get there!

I have nearly finished quilting Brian's bargello quilt. I love the threads I used - a Sulky variegated rayon that is copper/gold and a Sulky blended cotton in shades of blue and teal. The only quilting left to do is the border and I have decided to quilt that with invisible smoke colored thread and randomly outline the kelp and coral. I practiced on a scrap strip of the border and I really like the effect.

FINALLY have Ms. Em's quilt on the LA frame. At the rate I am going I probably won't quilt it until the weekend. And, speaking of the weekend, The Quilter's Palette is having a Fat Quarter Frenzy. Twenty five fat quarters for $25! My paycheck goes into the bank on Thursday. Guess where I'm going on Saturday!?!


  1. You'll still have so much fun. I'm jealous! Have fun shopping this weekend. I'd love to see all the fq loot you bring home with you.

  2. It will still be great to get away and sew.

    Uh oh - that FQ sale sounds DANGEROUS!!! Have fun and don't forget to post pictures!

  3. wow, that kind of a fat quarter sale would be really bad for me! I bought 6 yesterday alone.

  4. You'll still enjoy it! You won't be pulling your hair out this way. FQ's ARE WAY dangerous!! We have Fat Quarter Frenzy coming up this weekend...$1 a fat quarter. Wooo hoooo!

  5. Oh, I should have said, my mom made one in this manner and thought it was the cats a$$.

  6. I'm sure with the massive amounts of FQs that you are going to purchase you certainly won't lack a project or two to work on during the retreat! I'll "loan" you some of my pending projects if you really NEED something to work on!


  7. I too think fat quarter sale would be way too dangerous for me.

  8. I'm sorry that the quilt won't be quite as you expected but I bet you still enjoy yourself.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the finished bargello.

    love and hugs xxx


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