Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Finally some REAL snow!

We have snow - lots of fluffy, white snow and it is still coming down. Looks like there is about 4" on the ground now but I am not going out to verify with a ruler! I am wearing my fuzzy pink slippers and I do not want to get snow on them. I will be wearing fuzzy pink slippers (and my bathrobe) all day today. Whoo hoo!! No driving to the office! No makeup! No trying to figure out what to wear! Weather reports tell me that the snow will change to ice and then rain but for now I will enjoy watching the snow come down. I will be taking calls from the office. There is a feature on the phone at my desk that allows phone calls to be transparently re-directed to my home number. I have remote access to the computer on my desk at work through both my desktop unit at home and also on my laptop. Fortunately, at this time of the year the beer business is slow so hopefully there won't be a whole lot of calls.

There is a quilt from Terry Atkinson's "Happy Hour" booklet laid out on the floor of my studio. I am going to put that one together this morning and hopefully get the quilt top finished today. There are also 2 other quilts I want to work on if time permits.

The studio is warm and cozy, a pot of coffee brewed, French Vanilla Sugar Free creamer in the fridge and I AM IN THE MOOD TO SEW!


  1. Yay Suzan! Sounds like the most wonderful day to me!

    Have a fun day, and stay cozy.

  2. I am just jealous!!! Really. I want to move.

    Have a great day though, you deserve it.

  3. Isn't it great!!! We have a snow day today. I'm going to sew some, but I also have school work to do.

    Finally some real winter weather!!



  4. Hi Suzan,
    Just wanted to thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. We're getting the same snow here in New England...I think I'm going to sew too.

  5. Ooooooo yeah you!! Have a great day sewing!!!

  6. sounds like a fabulous day, enjoy!!

  7. Sounds like a perfect day - enjoy!


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