Friday, January 2, 2009

Heading off to work

Can you believe it? Nearly everyone in the WORLD has off today. Not me! Worse yet I have to be in the office at 6am on Saturday for our year end inventory count. I am a purchasing agent and I only have to do this once a year so I don't complain (too much). I knew this was part of the deal when I signed on. There are 2 teams counting in the cooler tomorrow. I am on one of the teams. It should go pretty quickly. I have a newbie teamed up with me. I am going to wear a hat and gloves and make her track the numbers. My plan is to stand there with my hands in my pockets and boss her around! (I know the inventory and I LOVE power!) Last year the cheeseballs that were in charge brought in doughnuts to feed us for breakfast. I have heard rumors that they are taking us out for breakfast if we want to hang around until everyone finishes their counts. Though I do love breakfast out, I think getting back home and in front of my sewing machine will be the plan.

I have been working on the mystery quilt but not too hard! All the little squares in squares are killers. There is also a lot of trimming. I can appreciate that because I do like to square up my blocks. The next step in the mystery is going to be published today. I am looking forward to seeing how the blocks and colors of my fabrics are going to play against each other. I think this will end up being one of my WIPs for a very long time. I have so many other things I need to finish - like 2 Christmas quilts from 2008 and one even from 2007! I think I am going to just make quilts and then save them for gifts rather than plan a gift. Less pressure and that will be then name of the game for 2009.

If you are working outside the home today, bless your heart. If you get to hang out at home today, enjoy!


  1. I have to be at work today and I'm not going to enjoy it. Too quiet for me! I'd much rather be home sewing any day, but especially today.

  2. I know, soon it will be back to normal at work - hate that. I love having more days off. How dare my job get in the way of my personal life! Stay warm.

  3. don't you worry. I, too, am at work right now (yet spending a great majority of time on the internet... hmm...). I used to work in purchasing and while I never had to do any inventories... my husband's task at work this week is to inventory the thousand or so rolls of vinyl at their sign shop. gee. that sounds intriguing! :) would like to sew this evening, but it is our evening to take down all the christmas stuff. best of luck with the mystery quilt. the little pieces will be SO worth it once you see the final product. can't wait to see the pics! :) (oh, and happy new year... and glad you enjoyed the holidays in your new place).

  4. Hi Suzan,

    Happy New Year! I am working too! :(

    I can't wait to see pictures of your mystery quilt. I had to do a bunch of nine patches with each patch being 1" finished size -- not fun!!! :( I am a bit phobic toward small patches since then.

    Have a great weekend.

  5. I had to work today too. I just got home and I hated every minute I was there. The only good thing it was quiet so I got lots done.

    I can't wait to see your new quilt. Stay warm in the cooler.

  6. Hurry Home and don't get too cold.

    Enjoy your day stitching!


  7. You have my sympathy about the inventory. I never had to do it at a job, but my father owned a garage/service station, and every January my brother and I were in the parts room counting cotter pins and fan belts. And tires and spark plugs and interminable washers and hardware.

  8. I'm at home today, in fact I've had 5 days off for the New Years Holiday!! It'll be hard going back on Monday. Thanks for entering my whirl into winter with Debi giveaway. good luck.

  9. I'm looking forward to seeing your mystery! I go back to work tomorrow and am looking forward to being back to normal!


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