Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Just ice

I honestly thought I would wake up to fluffy white snow this morning. Nope - nothing but ice everywhere. It is supposed to start raining so I would imagine the ice will melt pretty quickly and I will have to go to work. Finally I feel like sewing and I have to go to work. Major bummer!

Over at Bunny Hill Designs, Anne is offering a free block of the month. Though I do not do "country", the first block looks pretty sweet and the quilt will make a nice gift. See, I have already started working on
Handmade for Christmas 2009. Actually, it is a very good excuse for me to indulge my quilter's ADD. I am going to also do the free (very key here) block of the month on Connecting Threads if I can figure out where it is! Of course, this will mean I have 2 quilt tops that need quilting in December. Maybe I should look for OLD block of the month patterns, do two at a time and finish up in July. Whoa - that scares me!


  1. Oh, FREE? That's key for me! :)

    How's the mystery quilt from Bonnie going?

  2. Thank you Suzan for sharing the *free* pattern site, that is a cute block of the month! Do you receive the newsletter?

    I also have lots of "just ice" at my house...schools are closed today, and that gives me a day at home :>)!! Have a great day, stay safe!

  3. Thanks for the link Suzan - free is always good! I know exactly how you feel when you are all motivated to sew and then have to go to work - it's a major downer. Then I sit at work all day thinking about what I could be doing if I were home sewing.

  4. Thank you for the great sites. I sat for over an hour tonight looking and figuring out what I'd like to make next. I like the idea of one gift a month and the free patterns sure are going to help with that.

  5. I guess the ice missed us - I completely ignored the outside that day...

  6. Don't you love Ann's designs and these are free! Love freee. Good for you getting a head start. I'm very impressed!


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